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Title: Chandelier
Post by: plamb on May 14, 2019, 12:47:23 AM
Icicles of light melt, dripping down the walls. Tears from the heart of a lonely star captured and imprisoned in this "Chandelier". I mouth the word and gasp with pleasure as it snakes and weaves around the contours of my tongue. It slides down the tunnels of my body warming and spreading it's phosphorescent light into the farthest and darkest corners normally out of reach from the light of my own awareness. So silent, yet I can hear the vending machine hum from the 60W phosphorescent lightbulb and imagine it's some kind of celestial hymn... a nightly ritual of remembering.
My brow furrows in concentration as I flex my knees and leap in the air. I feel the cheap, plastic crystals brush against my fingers at the apex of my jump. Immediately ripped from my reverie, cold water wake up call. The dry realization that even the greatest of stars can be boiled down to a dollar store commodity. I close my eyes and imagine the star in it's prime... a burning white light, glued to an infinite black night with the power to obliterate solar systems. I open my eyes I see a "made in Korea" sticker branded on the body of the "Chandelier". I shut my eyes again and see the lingering traces of a light that was never meant to be contained. I end up feeling the pang of loss and wonder if I am the ones who has been branded. I wonder if i'm going to look back at this moment and find..