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Title: Chap Stick
Post by: mattvs86 on June 12, 2019, 06:06:24 PM
I look under the couch, by my keys, in pants pockets, cup holders in the car, searching for one container of chap stick that I own out of the 10 that I misplaced.   The bright red top calling to me from various spots in my house. 

Anything to put on my lips, a moon blasted with craters of dryness.  Cracks and fissures splitting across the surface, endlessly spreading. 

I twist the cap and the bottom, and healing ointment with the consistency of beeswax pops out.  The touch of the chap stick instantly moisturizers my lip.  The previous feeling of despair and desperation wiped out with one swift application, smacking my lips together to evenly spread the ointment across.  I toss the chap stick onto the nearest counter, ready to play another game of hide and seek when my lips need more attention. 

Title: Re: Chap Stick
Post by: Fletcher on June 13, 2019, 03:29:31 PM
I liked this one!  It really captured the on again, off again relationship with that funny little tube of wax.  We only need her when she's gone.