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Title: Marker
Post by: Higgs88 on August 13, 2019, 07:06:16 PM
Coloring signs for the church car wash, markers bleeding on to the bright card stock, blocky letters curve like lazy cats across, asphalt soupy with heat, soaps sud onto chrome fenders and my wrists tighten as I scrub insects and mud from neglected wheel wells. I remember using a sharpie on a white board once, dried black permanently etched into the corner, smell of scented markers strawberry, cherry, grape feeling high from sniffing my hands become tatooed in ink. Glue and scissors we make things for fun into abstract shapes, hanging them from house front windows. No real construction is done, no swinging of hammers or spit of screws into drywall, purple fingers from a missplaced hit we just make art, throwing glitter on ourselves, it will stay in our hair for months...