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Title: Bouquet
Post by: CD on October 09, 2019, 02:49:47 PM
Bouquet- who will catch it? Flowers bundled tight, a corset holding hopes together for a flight through the air. An adult red-rover, but will the bouquet come over? will the boy ever come to be caught in a tangle or arms, or just break through, break the chain? Aroma of rose, and is that eucalyptus , rose water and cough drops, no, romance and sweet thoughts. And will it be pressed, petals dried, like fat burgundy bible covers between pages in some other book, to be forgotten, prisoner and prison. yet some are repulsed by the flying shrapnel object, even though it is only flowers. bodies recoil from what? possibilities and change? Taste the summer air of an outdoor wedding, fresh grass smell and white, clean and crisp. Fresh sa