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Title: Windows and Mac compatible
Post by: Paul on January 09, 2008, 10:27:52 AM

Features of MasterWriter


CODE #9099

A Rhyming Dictionary with over 100,000 entries.
A Pop-Culture Dictionary with over 11,000 icons of American and World Culture.
A Dictionary containing over 35,000 Phrases, Idioms, Clichés, Sayings and Word Combinations. Not just the old familiar ones but a vast array of that which is new and contemporary.
A Rhymed-Phrases Dictionary with over 36,000 entries.
The only Alliterations Dictionary in existence.
The American Heritage Dictionary and Roget’s II Thesaurus.
 A State-of-the-art database that allows you to keep track of all the Lyrics, Melodies and Information related to the songs you’ve written or are writing.
A stereo Hard Disk Recorder for recording your melodic ideas.
Songuard, an online date-of-creation Song Registration Service.
A library of over 250 tempo adjustable MIDI Drum Loops.
Full-function Word Processing.
Mac OS and Windows compatible.
And saving the best for last, it's easy to use...

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