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Title: Fountain
Post by: MissQ on July 12, 2008, 08:07:38 AM
The fountain held its breath pausing until the promenade was littered with buses of camera snapping visitors. 
Then with an almighty heave, burst into a kaleidoscope of fibre-optic prisms. 
Frozen gasps of astonishment were tattooed on the jowls of the flurry of spectators’. 
Like a rainbow tumbling over hand sculptured gums in filigree champagne bubbles.
Golden coils tossed to the bottom of the rippling surge. 
Sweeping beds of freesias and standard roses barricading the possibility of flood. 
Clay molded figurines playing at the neatly spade cut gardens’ edge. 
Whispering willows blousing in the breeze. 
Lamp posts and squirrels and wintertime umbrellas. 
Frozen puddles of fractured ice, cracked by falling twigs like crème brulee at a dinner party.