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Title: Radio
Post by: MissQ on July 13, 2008, 02:31:32 AM
Crackles wave to and fro, distorting the announcer’s voice as he launches into a barrage of confronting questions.  In long pauses, the guest’s response swept away by the wind.  I turn the dial of the transistor to another frequency.  A stern pompous voice relegates the upcoming song as light-hearted nonsense.  I swivel the baked plastic knob a little further this time, anti-clockwise and birds chirp through the mesh speakers and a plucking harp dusts off the covers of a long-lost record.  Another nudge to 6 o’clock and a frank interview is underway with an unscrupulous tycoon just about to head of to the clanger in a march of horizontal pin stripped pajama steps.  A live performance plunges to the base line at 90 degrees and a pretty melody halts my fidgeting, momentarily.  I rotate the volume 4 clicks to the right and 1 click back and the sound rests in just the right place on the swing.  Static has calmed to a slur and my smile picks up like a checkered table cover skirt ready to dance down in the barnyard, swaying from side to side.