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Object Writing Word Of The Day / mat
« on: Today at 11:32:17 AM »
its a sunday afternoon and its usually the time we go visit my uncle, he is almost on his 50s and a very old mentality, he is very stern and has value to a lot of old things that survived the WW2, as soon as he opens his black door, he tells us to take the shoes off, as he doesnt want us to step on his mat, which is this heavy black and brown mat which covers most of his entrance, but i hate  it, once i take off my shoes and step on it it rasps my feet of how old and used its been, dont smell good ether, its very dusty and my nose squints as i walk past it

Object Writing Word Of The Day / Rose
« on: February 14, 2020, 08:51:14 AM »
roses are red violets are blue its valentines day which reminds me of you... all jokes aside lol

i am bleeding love this valentines, like a rose losing its petals, one by one, as i wait for you to come back,
i buy these roses and let the aroma fulfil the space, while i sit and bleed tears, i wipe my face,
aint no better taste like your lips on valentines day, no chocolate is too sweet nor a emotion i cant explain,
i see today love is in the air, with a bitter sweet taste,
i hope these words touch your heart like when i touched the sun and burned my heart


Object Writing Word Of The Day / kiln
« on: February 10, 2020, 11:19:28 AM »
you are like a kiln to my soul, you let me in and watch it burn
with your tasteless heart, sweet and sour is your vibe
went straight in the deep end and almost chocked from a cigar
tobacco and channel scent, pulling me crosser bit by bit
now i wipe my tears with whats left of me
so now every inch i take, is with a forceful smile in my face
knowing you saved me but only to spit back in my face   

Object Writing Word Of The Day / creek
« on: February 08, 2020, 12:15:36 PM »
it is a nice sunny day and me and my family are on our way to the beach, we havent been to this one before as it is far, we are going by car and my dad is driving, we are going in a small fiat 500 and its only me, my brother and our parents. so we get going, roll my window down and enjoy the breeze slapping my face, and cars driving past punching the air making a pss sound as it they go on, i have my headphones on trying to relax as it is a long journey till we come across a small creek, we had to drive across this small but very muddy and wet surface with this tiny car, my dad however decides to keep going, wheel by wheel, they are now drowning in this greek, however my dad still had some control, he grasps onto the steering wheel with both hands and is very woke and sensitive to the cars feelings. continuing the greek at walking pace i look at my dad and smell the fear in him, now im nervous, my belly grew butterflies all of the sudden. but few rocks away and tide of water all behind us, we are back on track!.

Object Writing Word Of The Day / Bench
« on: February 07, 2020, 11:30:55 AM »
everyday at sunset i see this old short lady, who strolls lightly by the lake, with a blue bag of rice, and sits on the bench till the sunset goes, and feeds the birds in the park, i must of one day walked up to her and asked her why she comes EVERYDAY here, but as soon as i got a few yards in front of her i felt a soury smell in my nose, i quickly squinted and felt disrespectful, so i straighten up again and ask her why shes here everyday, my gut tingled as i hear those words come out my mouth, she takes a long look at me and then looks away, back to feeding the birds. no 1 word, no 1 syllable, nothing!, all i hear is birds blaring scavenging for food, i now got a weird taste in my mouth, as if i offended her, so i ask her again with this time a softer voice. she shushes me and tells me, look around, the shaded green trees, the soothing lake, the soulful sunset, and she slurs saying, now do you get it?

Object Writing Word Of The Day / Moonlight
« on: February 06, 2020, 11:21:44 AM »
Like a wolf at night i howl at the moonlight, when i lose your touch and feel like i cant breathe, at night i howl at the moonlight, grabbing my heart and manually pumping it, brushing the dust out of it, trying to amend it but i only got sellotape, i am at a very fragile state i can break again. Unscented roses and dusty smell follow me everywhere i go, so at night i howl at the moonlight, very bright and perfectly unperfect moon, who cant light without the help of the sun, so when your not here at night, i howl at the moonlight

Object Writing Word Of The Day / Antenna
« on: January 28, 2020, 11:12:11 AM »
i live by the countryside, around 2 hours away from the city, and where i live we have a few houses around but mainly land and a massive antenna thats its being here since the 50s, and its not even in use no more, its this huge circular white antenna thats is pointing on a 45 degree angle upwards, its being held by a box of stones, that take the size more or less of most houses here. it is solidly build so that aint too much of the issue as i tried kick it myself to test it and almost broke my pinky lol, but more about it being so big that when the dazzling sun is out in the afternoon, it reflects a vast dark cloud giving our own little town a touch of sadness in the sunny days.

rushed at the end as i ran out of time lol >:(

Object Writing Word Of The Day / Stars
« on: January 26, 2020, 10:58:52 AM »
i am with my 2 other closest friends smoking weed, on top of my house, where once you climb up my room window there is a flat surface where you can stay on, we brought up foldable chairs and started smoking, it was late at night, so we could see the London city from a far, and a few rare stars, we are listening to music to enhance the moment, as my friends takes a big pull, he points at these 3 starts who are always there, no matter how bright or dark, those 3 starts are there aligned in a perfect straight line and distance within each other, he passes me the weed and i too take a big pull, i start to choke, my mouth now taste like tar and weed, its a cold January night and my hands start to feel like dry wood, and can barely move my fingers, my throat too feels dry from all the smoke going to my lungs, but we sat all night looking at the starts and listening to music trying to figure out their meaning.

Object Writing Word Of The Day / Badge
« on: January 24, 2020, 11:53:17 AM »
i am a football player (soccer for the ones in US lol). it is a big game, Liverpool vs Tottenham for the champions league final, these two teams have long rivalry and i am here representing Liverpool and everything this club and badge means to the fans. So i prepare myself weeks before the big game. The big game arrives, my heart is pounding and emotions are running around like headless chicken, my manager gives a big talk minutes before the game, he speaks with a big and loud tone to make sure we hear his message clear as day, but his face and body expressions seem very cool, i resonated to it and i think my team mates did too. Talks over time to go out and play, on 3 we scream Liverpool and walk out to the field, those 5 second walking from the tunnel out to the pitch were breath taking, felt like life paused for a good minute, the darkness, but very loud atmosphere were very contrasting feelings, there was too much going on at once and i had to grab the moment by the scruff of the neck, my mouth dont even taste the same, dry and itchy, i spat i few times and drank some water, kiss my badge as i step foot onto the soft emerald green grass and sing the champions league anthem. Shake the oppositions hand before the whistle blows and i smell their fear too. giving me the confidence to go and do my best for the badge.

Object Writing Word Of The Day / cinnamon
« on: January 23, 2020, 11:34:26 AM »
i got an assignment due tomorrow for university, ahh shit i left it last minute again!. so i go to my usual coffee shop which is 2 blocks near my house as it helps me concentrate and there is free wifi, i walk up the stairs and push the hefty door, as soon as i walk in i feel warmth and relaxation, and i got here at a good time where is pretty empty, i hear saxophone and a piano playing through the speakers, and faintly still hear a few conversations by the 2 groups of people sitting right by where you place your order. so i go to the back of the coffee shop( my usual spot anyway) to try be in my zone. i had to order something in order to get to the free wifi, so i go to the barista and ask her for a hot chocolate, after our usual small talk i grab the chocolate and get to work. sip sip, this hot chocolate just tingles my tongue with excitement, the sweetness of the cinnamon with a tiny salty after taste peacefully got me through my assignment 

Object Writing Word Of The Day / chimney
« on: January 22, 2020, 11:52:23 AM »
after a long day at work, i just want some relaxation, i go to the kitchen and make myself some hot chocolate, instantly the smell soothes my soul and just after a zip it taste like a breath of fresh air, i walk next door to the sofa and take my shoes off and put my thick cotton socks that i got for Christmas, turn the radio on and play some Sade, ahh how peace full her voice is. i go to the chimney and start a fire, throw some old rusty wood i had from the garden, and light it up, moments later i have a bright fire lighting my living room giving me a campfire like odour, bit by bit soothing my soul   

Object Writing Word Of The Day / orb
« on: January 21, 2020, 11:14:55 AM »
my mind is like an orb, it can predict the future and go back in time, it is usually not the greatest at predicting the future but nether is the wrinkly one eyed old lady who tells me she can with her raspy voice, however it is very good at going back in time, so good that just just by smelling those white chocolate chip cookies in the shop take me back to the days where my grandma used to bake them, and she used to let me help from time to time, used to have the radio on in the background which always gave me a warmth feeling inside, and when i stir the heavy based cookie mixer she always used to let me lick the spoon at the end, yummy, the sweet brown sugar tingling my tongue making it do front flips before a single cookie even touched the flaming oven   

Object Writing Word Of The Day / kite
« on: January 20, 2020, 11:20:09 AM »
i was 5 years old when i had my first memories of flying a kite, it was February and i used to live in Ecuador, me and my dad were driving around in his old and rusty fiat 500, i was sat in the back seat as i peek in through the window, i see a mob of people selling this colourful square ish thing wondering what is happening, there was this old lady sitting down screaming in a very annoying high pitch voice trying to sell whatever that square ish thing was, there was at least a dozen of people trying to buy them, and i wanted one too! i start yelling too and grabbing my dad by his shoulder as hes driving, "daddy daddy i want one too" i didnt know what it was but its bright red, yellow, blue and green colours caught my attention, as he parks the car, i get out and see a spider-man kite, im running towards it with the breeze slapping my face and my feet crunching the rocks from the parking lot with curiosity taking control 

Object Writing Word Of The Day / train
« on: January 19, 2020, 10:21:50 AM »
she took my breath away, only had 5 days to cherish before she took off by train, memories of the day we met still linger in my head, im working in retail cleaning the store when this girl comes up to me and asks for help, she instantly caught my attention, long curly hair, light brown eyes, and asks me fore help, few minutes later we start speaking about where she's from and what she's doing here, she tell me she's from Naples Italy but my concentration starts to wane, as i get caught in her soothing voice and start missing details, she tells me she had to go, all she left was the sweet but sour taste of her cologne, thinking do i stay or get on this train and go

Object Writing Word Of The Day / ink
« on: January 17, 2020, 07:56:42 PM »
ink is a rare thing is the world i live in, i remember the days where i used to grab a pen and touch ink on a blank piece of paper and write till my palms get sweaty and itchy, the feeling of writing felts like emptying thoughts in your head and visualising them on a sheet, remembering the pain of spilt ink on my freshly lavender scented white school shirt which my mum specifically told me to take care of, but young and naive me just wanted to play football, run around is mud in rainy days and of course, leave my pens face down with no lid (because i always lost it) on a hot school day on my left chest pocket, not realising after hours of running around forgetting about school work that theres ink all over my heart 

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