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November 19, 2019, 06:19:03 AM
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Sunday - Instructions

Monday- Motorcycle

Tuesday- Wildflower

Wednesday- Asparagus

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1  ObjectWriting / Object Writing Word Of The Day / cleat on: November 06, 2019, 07:07:15 PM
sweat falls from my pores, rolling down the hairs on my skin. Air sharp against my skin, the ball moves like a pinball between feet, cleats sticking into damp sod, grass clippings cling to legs, the field torn up and half muddy, bright lights illuminate the field, attract bugs. Cleats in baseball are much more dangerous, metal spikes that screw into the bottom of the boot, capable of tearing flesh and red dirt in one slide. I remember gatherings after games, graffitied tables covered with tin foil pans of oranges and spam musubi's, nursing leg cramps and throwing cups of water at each other, stinging sweet of vitamin C on my cold sore, dripping down my chin I toss the rinds in the garbage like it's a basket.   
2  ObjectWriting / Object Writing Word Of The Day / Re: Jack-O-Lantern on: October 31, 2019, 07:14:17 PM
Mmm, some great imagery going on here.
3  ObjectWriting / Object Writing Word Of The Day / Jack-O-Lantern on: October 31, 2019, 07:10:37 PM
Standing in a muddy field, pant legs two-toned with puddle water, a sea of orange, pumpkins small, large, flawless and warted. My hands begin to go numb as I point to one that I like. Soon we'll carve it, pulling out seeds to be baked and chewed, yellowy fluff all over the table. I remember when Trump-kins were a thing. Probably one of the scariest Jack-O-Lanterns you could make, I drove by a few outside farm houses. Candle light illuminates the faces, I feel the heat like a soft glow that will burn your skin if you leave it hovering too long. Playlist of techno house and pop music pulses from the next room over, pumpkin pie sits there tempting me like a Siren's song. Outside the sky turns a deep orange sherbert, I taste thick syrupy cider in the back of my mouth, throat dry from the constant heating this is different from the open windows and t-shirt weather of home.     
4  ObjectWriting / Object Writing Word Of The Day / Donut on: October 15, 2019, 06:45:20 PM
Crispy cremes, shot of sugar my mouth salivates. Bright sign turning like a weather vane, wind knocking against thick double windows the aluminum chair scrapes against cold tiles, my neck sends of shiver. Sprinkles fall, bouncing off the plate and into everywhere. Boxes slide shut with a smooth woosh, heading to high school cheerleader fundraiser's, little pink tickets passed out with a smile and pom poms. In the parking lot donut marks, dark from bald tires, tread spirals made by late night bored teens in their parent's Honda's. PBR's passed around, loud belches and stupid bets, cans left as evidence with the tattooed asphalt. I sigh myself into getting up from my sweet-filled stupor, push open the pneumatic door--     
5  ObjectWriting / Object Writing Word Of The Day / Robe on: October 02, 2019, 09:27:24 PM
Sitting on white porcelain, surface cool against my skin. Air is steamy as hot water rains down, a flame heating copper pipes downstairs, faucet letting the pressure build then burst through like a break in the hoover damn. Skin pink and wrinkly my fingers are prunes, eyes puffy the dark blue cotton robe feels light, luxurious. Fibers stick out like tendons, brushing against my legs thoughts drift to her, my heart rate picking up speed. Sound of a shower in the next room, smell of lavender and fruit scented shampoo I wait for a gently knock at my door, a pink robe against smooth arms and hips, hand on the doorframe. I wait, glass of wine half-drunk with condensation puddling the glass table. My head---         
6  ObjectWriting / Object Writing Word Of The Day / blinds on: September 05, 2019, 07:04:46 PM
I don't wanna go outside, I'm Jeckyl and hide from the world today. Blinds closed, air close skin cool I sit in a blanket of dark, little goosebumps forming on my arms. The faint smell of coffee drifts over from the neighbors, the carpet tickles the bottom of my feet. I'm aware of every sound; my even breath, a mosquito zooming overhead I feel it trying to mine my blood. Complete stillness it begins to bite my neck and smush I slap it, feel a tiny splat of blood drying to my goosebumped hairs. My warm bed is an ocean I won't leave. Except maybe to pee. Or eat.     
7  ObjectWriting / Object Writing Word Of The Day / Re: Pickles on: September 03, 2019, 06:42:40 PM
HAHA I enjoyed your commentary on this one
8  ObjectWriting / Object Writing Word Of The Day / Pickles on: September 03, 2019, 06:20:25 PM
I sit spearing pickles from a jar, cold condensation sweating onto the oak-stained table. Smell of vinegar it splashes on to my fingers, the sour cucumbers preserved in the acidic liquid, slowly shriveled and shrunken. Dinner party, little baby dills sitting on cocktail platters with red weenies and watery carrots, I remember stuffing my face nervously, crunch of my teeth I dust off cracker crumbs the room growing claustrophobic as conversation rattles across the room. The curtains are velvet and look soft enough to--   
9  ObjectWriting / Object Writing Word Of The Day / Pool on: August 26, 2019, 06:57:30 PM
Shadows fold across my room, rain water drags down windows and slides off of sagging leaves outside, makes shiny little pools on the ground. My feet planted like roots to the floor, my eyes blink out sleep, I burp salsa and chips. The air is quiet through double insulated walls, low whir of the imac, soon I'll need to wake up, calistenics, smell of the frayed beige carpet, chest, arms holding all my weight I count out between strangled breaths, sweating out yesterday's curry and spiked lemon sparkling drinks. The day feels like a giant hourglass; sand sliding down as I check things off my eraser-board list, whiff of ink liquid blue on white surface.   
10  ObjectWriting / Object Writing Word Of The Day / Re: Magazine on: August 23, 2019, 06:20:27 PM
Nicely done, some great imagery here.
11  ObjectWriting / Object Writing Word Of The Day / Magazine on: August 23, 2019, 06:15:46 PM
Glossy magazine colored with dried inky colors, bright and popping off the page. Waiting room air con recycled through my lungs, lights overwhelming, flick of my veins I see it on my inner wrist blue and pushing against the skin, the needle sinks in. smell of rubbing alcohol and faint ammonia my stomach growls, the tiles on the ceiling are a patchwork of symmetry, perfect except for one corner sagging slightly, a rebel. I shiver off the goosebump air, think about the magazine celebrities in glitzy suits and dazzling dresses wearing jewelry worth more than my Honda, every life choice gossiped about in TMZ or The Inquirer, she's pregnant he's cheating Tom Cruz is Illuminati I let out a long sigh.         
12  ObjectWriting / Object Writing Word Of The Day / Tape on: August 21, 2019, 07:06:49 PM
Analog studio, dull knobs and worn buttons, greasy faders in a low-lit space. Nerves run high, energy tight like new bass strings, recording to tape so it's all one take, crowded around the ribbon microphone like a 1950s radio show. Sound bleeds through speakers in clean wavs, pure like a new oil painting that's still wet, breakfast breathe and old spice, gulps of air and whispered jokes. I sit in my basement, eating air fried hash browns and listening to Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club, wondering why I can't get my recordings to sound nearly that good. Yellow hue of the sun dropping down below the clouds, freckles of light--   
13  ObjectWriting / Object Writing Word Of The Day / flip flops on: August 18, 2019, 07:53:21 AM
Tourists stop and take pictures in front of the old theater, rental car new and shiny, they wear sandals that they call flip flops (nobody calls them flip flops here) and smell of scented sun tan lotion. I've worn slippers (flip flops) since I can remember, 6 dollar locals made of rubber, the thong in the middle popping through the hole from my arched feet when I walk to fast, my high arches push against them until the skin has the y outline, tan lines, sand stuck between my toes as I sip a wine cooler, head woozy from sun and drink. Waves race up to the towel I'm sitting on- I crab walk back just in time. A group of girls lays on their stomachs, getting rid of strap tan lines, a man so soaked with sun it looks like he could shrivel up and become a raisin. I squint through dark sunglasses, blink away tan lotion and salt water--   
14  ObjectWriting / Object Writing Word Of The Day / Marker on: August 13, 2019, 07:06:16 PM
Coloring signs for the church car wash, markers bleeding on to the bright card stock, blocky letters curve like lazy cats across, asphalt soupy with heat, soaps sud onto chrome fenders and my wrists tighten as I scrub insects and mud from neglected wheel wells. I remember using a sharpie on a white board once, dried black permanently etched into the corner, smell of scented markers strawberry, cherry, grape feeling high from sniffing my hands become tatooed in ink. Glue and scissors we make things for fun into abstract shapes, hanging them from house front windows. No real construction is done, no swinging of hammers or spit of screws into drywall, purple fingers from a missplaced hit we just make art, throwing glitter on ourselves, it will stay in our hair for months...
15  ObjectWriting / Object Writing Word Of The Day / Cape Cod on: August 12, 2019, 06:08:28 PM
I sit at the edge of the rickety wooden peer, legs dangling like a puppet's. Hands pressed onto the water-worn wood bleached white I feel a prick of a splinter. Ocean water jumps and flips in deep blue bursts, slow sigh like an old man breathing, woman walks by cursing loudly under her breath air fuming from her nostrils turtle neck pulled up to her soft chin. Cape Cod, so different from where I'm from, so dry and full of American History. Taste, smell, flavor of fish and lobster, I think I see a clamshell at the bottom of the sea, holding its gleaming white pearl tight in its closed mouth--   
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