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September 24, 2018, 07:55:27 AM
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Sunday - Instructions

Monday- Motorcycle

Tuesday- Wildflower

Wednesday- Asparagus

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1  ObjectWriting / Object Writing Word Of The Day / Hurdle on: Today at 12:59:46 AM
A hurdle is at once a powerful obstacle and a fragile one. Watching the Olympics as a kid with dad, Iíd look at the racers with their incredible powerful looking bodies. There would be African women with thighs like big black oak trees. The ground sends the signal through the feet. The foot comprises the rubber of the sole which deforms grotesquely and quickly like a madman exposed for what he is by his expression; then regaing control and acting. The tendon engages and holds both end of the calf muscle as the racer sets off the knee with its meccano like construction and many parts, is ordered to stretch and it does. The front of the thigh helps as well and now like an abstract sculpture the woman is ready for takeoff. The next step includes the command liftoff and sheís airbornee, the hurdle in front of her the sweat drying as fast as it forms on her forehead due to the wind and thereís not one neuron taking a break. Everybodyís helping, her face intensely focused. And
2  ObjectWriting / Object Writing Word Of The Day / Re: Balloon on: September 22, 2018, 05:17:48 PM
Nice one!
3  ObjectWriting / Object Writing Word Of The Day / Balloon on: September 22, 2018, 05:09:10 PM
A balloon was associated with birthday parties and festivities at school. Last day of the school year was especially chaotic at Skolen ved Sundet in Denmark. The older kids would dress crazy and bring candy that they would offer to younger kids. But there was an underlying sense of domination or mild bullying in the air for example they might throw the candy at you. The big open soccer field with the enormous looking goals and then a few hundred kids. We looked so puny in that big open space and in the corner somethings going on some discussion or argument. And my friends are like islands in all of this but I think I lost them and now I donít feel so comfortable anymore. Like a boat adrift. Years later Iíd learn to cut my losses and go talk to someone else but as a kid I felt uneasy when I wasnít with my group of classmates or friends. Then Iíd see a girl I liked but I had no idea what to do about that and I looked at her beautiful features from a distance smelling her shampoo and perfume from afar. Not daring to go talk to her my emotions like a ball of iron in my stomach. The desire just imagining listening to her laugh her voice and looking at her features mesmerizing. And the groups of older kids and some younger. At that age I wasnít above picking on th
4  ObjectWriting / Object Writing Word Of The Day / Re: Jewel on: September 21, 2018, 12:13:51 PM
Very nice piano reference! And all over really good!
5  ObjectWriting / Object Writing Word Of The Day / Jewel on: September 21, 2018, 12:11:55 PM
My grandmother wore stuff I guess you could call jewels. Gold and diamonds and things. But to me jewels are royal quality. The kind the Pink Panther would steal. A jewel is a seriously precious stone studded tiara for example. We line up early to get in. Itís a light drizzle and weíre standing on the flat smooth cobblestone street with hundreds others a bit before the museum opens. No umbrellas in Denmark only super hitech rain gear. Because everyone rides their bicycle. The door mustíve opened because we start shuffling slowly forward our brains absurdly keeping everyone in their place lest someone should go around us. So theyíd get to see the jewels before is....but rules are rules and the drizzling rain hits my 250$ red Helly Hansen Explorer jacket and I have the matching pants. Inch by inch we shuffle forward muffled conversations and weíre all like one animal together in this as we as a nation agree thereís something special about this. The museum door is glass and minimalist. Much later we stand before the display cases and admire the things. Tiaras thick bracelets rings. How about a golden centurion chestplate. Some crazy prefect got it made for him so he could prance around in it. Maybe even take it to war if he were ever involved. Astťrix and Obelix watch as he pours grapes down his throat the grapes bursting with juice
and life force and he seemingly craving the popping of the green skin and subsequent chewing of the taut meat. So small
6  ObjectWriting / Object Writing Word Of The Day / Robot on: September 20, 2018, 03:00:31 PM
Iron giant and terminator. The grey dull metal and the chrome. The hydraulics that give that robot sound. Imagine if our bodies made noises each time we moved. If there was actual sound as billions of ATP molecules are combusted so we can bend an arm to lift a glass. On my table is a Van Gogh jigsaw box. Itís an outdoor cafe scene at night. Yesterday watching it from across the living room I was sucked right into the perspective. I really see and felt what the artist had seen and it was the most dramatic and thrilling cause Iíve never looked at a painting that way. As if Iím staring down an endless corridor. Like the police station in Terminator. He comes after the woman and punches holes in everything that moves. A stray bullet hitting someone and then exiting the body with a ďsplotchĒ and lodging in the wooden table just a ticket to heaven and the forensics man sees it there. Makes a quick calculation. The bullet had forced apart and compressed and of course  burnt the wood. I wonder how far it gets just then. As the bu
7  ObjectWriting / Object Writing Word Of The Day / Hostile on: September 19, 2018, 07:42:56 PM
Hostile is a vibration. Itís the hairs on my neck standing up a wash of adrenaline down my upper body and my arms. Itís a guy in an alley in a worn jeans outfit and with a beard. Solidly built and you can tell heís used to getting physical. Iím not. And heís getting in my face telling me to fuck off and whatís my fucking problem and heís going to hurt me. Itís a sensation in me like radio waves hitting deep switches. And it seems to be a sensation in him too. But it looks like a daily or often used routine in his case. Like making a latte is for me. Heís totally used to running this routine. Aah idiot who doesnít get it? Ok run hostility with option for violence. Whereas for me itís like a possibility looking over the Del Mar ocean at sunset. Maybe just maybe thereís a storm out there beyond the beautiful horizon. Impossibly. A tsunami. Thatís what violence is is my world. Possible but almost impossible. Like my band is going in a world tour with the Stones or some such. A mathematical possibility but only just. The sensation of going on that tour. Of getting that call. Wow it will be something else. I wonder how the voice will sound. Will it be slightly smarmy business like or more road manager like more direct and business like in another way? Or will it be Keith himself? Or Mick? Or Charlie? Well that sensation. The hair standing on my back a sense of disbelief this canít be happening. No it really canít. But tell the truth. It can. Keith didnít believe it either and it still happened to him. Iím not saying Iím just saying. Iím looking at a dusty lamp on my table. The design and hard wood and metal so firm and then dust lays gently in top you can scoop it off with your finger. The
8  ObjectWriting / Object Writing Word Of The Day / Re: Forgery on: September 18, 2018, 03:37:07 PM
Welcome to the club! Yes, Patti's book is incredible. I'm still trying to get some people together to do the group activities here in San Diego but meanwhile just object writing is incredible.

What kind of songs do you write? Are you on ReverbNation or some such?
9  ObjectWriting / Object Writing Word Of The Day / Forgery on: September 18, 2018, 03:04:47 PM
Outwardly thereís nothing wrong with the operation. Everything seems comforting and fine. Several men in casual clothes walk around a sophisticated printer and fill boxes with the printouts. But then I see what theyíre printing. Hundred dollar bills. As I pick up a block of tightly stacked, very dense and deceptively small bundle I touch them and let my fingers play over the paper. It feels like any new bill. Iím guessing everything is as itís supposed to be. Benjamin has the right expression and the feel of the paper is good. Itís got a smoothness and a slight dryness as well. If I let my hands run over it it does cry out to me ďIím not what you thinkĒ. And Benjamin just got off the boat from Boston. Heís in Philly for the first time and has nothing and nobody. Just ideas and passion. So he walks around the harbor area. His feet touch the sometimes compacted dirt street and in some places cobblestone. The sound of hoofs on cobblestone and then softer as the horse enters a patch of grass. The horse is walking slowly and the head is bowed but rocks slowly up and down in that peculiar motion horses have. Itís a shiny brown and itís eyes are huge. What if these eyes bo
10  ObjectWriting / Object Writing Word Of The Day / Convict on: September 18, 2018, 12:32:43 AM
Standing in the yard, the convict has a relaxed pose and one knee sticks slightly out as he rests on the opposite hip. His blue inmate pants seem worn but not worn out. A cigarette in his left hand. The sun is low and the dirt floor suggests a lawn or recreational area. Not concrete. A fence tall but not electric and not overly strong colored green is nearby. The man has sideburns and a satisfied expression as he drags on the cigarette. As if heís in this moment completely. As if heís at peace. Heís by himself but doesnít appear isolated. Nearby a group of inmates are arranged on and around a wooden bench. Talking and laughing. A baseball bat is heard whacking a ball. Shouts of appreciation presumably at the batter are heard. The yellow low sun colors everything and makes everything seem slow. Time slows down and as the inmate bends his elbow to take another drag it seems to take forever. So slowly does his arm move. And then halfway there he seems to change his mind and drops the cigarette to the ground. He squishes it with his work boot and walks starts walking to the group at the bench. A tiny red bird stands in his path maybe ten feet away it casts a tiny shadow and the man walks toward it. It skips out of his path as he approaches. He didnít even notice it his mind is elsewhere. Heís feeling a hunger in his belly heís wondering whatís for dinner and he catches himself thinking about what would happen if he just didnít have dinner. Would he stay hungry? Forever? Heís heard about fasting and hunger seems suddenly a bit like the violent impulses that led him to prison. What if I could control this impulse? It seems like a hole in my tummy but itís not really true. What if I just didnít go along with it?
11  ObjectWriting / Object Writing Word Of The Day / Re: Shockwave on: September 17, 2018, 06:07:04 AM
That was funny Smiley
12  ObjectWriting / Object Writing Word Of The Day / Shockwave on: September 17, 2018, 06:05:03 AM
An explosion rings, thunders from the center of a square. After all the color is out and gone, the invisible shockwave takes over. Just like the squareís cobblestone were jolted from their beds like a carpet being shaken, the shockwave invisibly but all-powerfully travels the streets. It touches air that touches air. It touches bicycles rendering them two dimensional. It touches buildings pushing with a force unfamiliar and incomprehensible. To be hit by a shockwave is to be left speechless and dumbfounded. It seems almost unfair. But there it is. Youíre on the floor and the shockwave is gone has traveled to another building. The building made of red brick stands alone on the street, meaning detached, along with others like it. The red bricks are grave and brisk in their individuality but are arranged in a dance frozen in time, mortar directing the final stop. Eddies and swells become windows and doors. The door is a heavy oak door and itís smooth and the grains are contrasted black and dark brown. Itís slightly tacky to the touch and you push the wrought handle down and hear and feel the gliding mechanism. Like a tiny workshop full on tiny gnomes making watches and all sorts of mechanical things. And the industry and passion. Itís what we all want: be passionate like the uniformed green and red gnomes. To be so passionate about making a watch. Each gear has to be precisely measured and probably filed down and adjusted. Itís made of hard steel and has to match other gears just so. And when the whole thing moves it makes a satisfying sound. Tic. Toc. And the gnome looks approvingly at her work her hands pressed into her sides and the felt like garnet sheís wearing buckled slightly inwards and telegraphs to her kidn
13  ObjectWriting / Object Writing Word Of The Day / Boulevard on: September 14, 2018, 09:50:51 PM
As a teenager we spent a lot of time in France. Dad was a French literature professor in college and we lived in Brussels and spent summers in France. Paris has a lot of boulevards. Boulevard Saint Germain and so on. A boulevard is broad and has so much life. Street life in the sense of old men sitting in benches talking, women shopping and conversing with shopkeepers. Men playing pťtanque and children playing soccer or hanging out in groups. Thereís a sense of a lost way of life but a precious one. And the frenchness is the same as culture. The best of French culture: the books the incredible language the movies the sensitivity all around. Something slightly dreamy and bittersweet about it. Iíd love to live in France. Grenoble with its mountains so austere and commanding. Taunting and a bit menacing. Okay letís climb this route and you see the mountain from afar and can almost taste its immobility, its refusal to even acknowledge you. It doesnít need you want you or care. It just is. Built of iron and other impersonal material it is of another universe and therefore itís supremely peaceful and soothing. It canít add to your human condition but it may kill you if youíre foolish and donít know yourself. I put my hand on the cold damp surface and briefly commune with this massive pointy object. Let me find good footholds so I can rest and let me enjoy this trip and please keep me alive. And up we go. The sky is breathtaking and surreal. The air seems immediately thinner but I know itís an illusion. Just my mind playing tricks on me. And far below the boulevards of Grenoble the tiny little trees and the gravel in the center and all the stories unfolding there and the juice of life the sweet existence and every speck of love so mu
14  ObjectWriting / Object Writing Word Of The Day / Mutation on: September 14, 2018, 04:03:31 AM
A red fish with two heads or three eyes thatís what a mutation was when I first heard the word. It seems that random mutations are how nature picks new and improved designs for its living creations. Actually you always say DNA when you say mutation so really weíre talking about chemistry. The world of atoms and bonds which when scientists really investigate, disappear, leaving only space and energy. So a mutation is a subtle shift in energy a discreet suggestive wink slight pursing of the lips minuscule bulging of the eyes an entreating stretching out of the dominant hand followed by a waving in the air of that same hand. Like releasing a handful of white butterflies they tickle in the hand prior to being released squirming around and then the hand opens and they fly straight up except a few to the side and a giant moth sits in my bathroom ceiling I know I just know and want to look at it up close I want to study it. Its wings are beautiful I just know it as Iíve seen the pictures. If I took the incredible pattern of its dramatic wing drawings in black and about 200 greys and recolored it in photoshop. It would look incredible  and this was done by mutations too. And it took a long time to design. One little pigment at a time and off she goes grows and flies off to test her mettle. Her tiny feet hold on to my ceiling without effort or is there some offert? Tiny suction cups I think just a force beyond comprehension compared to their tiny size and her relative weight. A Hercules of the nature world. The sunlight playing with her wings. ďHerĒ as if sheís a beautiful woman as if nature is well but it is feminine. Somehow nicer to think of
15  ObjectWriting / Object Writing Word Of The Day / Re: Horsepower on: September 13, 2018, 12:57:23 AM
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