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May 21, 2019, 11:02:21 AM
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Author Topic: Horoscope - Object Writing 21 Dec  (Read 617 times)
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« on: December 21, 2008, 02:52:33 AM »

The newspaper is a warm cosy fire that I open up in the mornings, it crackles and spits as I move the pages after rescuing it from the lonely front yard. It has parachuted in, sailed end over end from a lanky arm in a station wagon at 7 a.m, landing with a thud on the orange brick driveway. Sometimes the morning air sniffs my skin and licks it with a chilled edge and icy tiles stick to the souls of my uncovered feet, but all is well back at the kitchen table in front of the crackling warm pages of news and information that are a breakfast of ideas to be consumed.

Having tired of the  latest opinion and mayhem from around the country and the globe I rustle over to the last section. Just near those square panelled boxes of the comics are the horoscopes- equally as funny most of the time. Small mysterious symbols represent each arc of the heavens, each house an approximate date of relevance usually the 22nd to the 21st of each month [but now about 2000 years out of date]. Gemini's are back to back - the opposite of each other. Libra's scales see saw in balance. Leo's head roars off another unlikely tale of hope for someone. There are those who 'want to believe' the paragraph of twenty or so words. It lifts them up on delicate butterfly wings of hope and flights of fancy that this day will be different. They smell a fresh coffee pot of possibility when all the rest of hope seems extinguished and they get on with their day with a pre-ordained package of possibility in mind, making their day conform perhaps....
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