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July 21, 2018, 12:26:39 PM
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Author Topic: Structuring your songwriting day...  (Read 2451 times)
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« on: July 07, 2009, 04:56:20 PM »

As some of you might know I'm in the process of working thorough two albums at the moment. www.pauljpenton.com/demos .  One is a lot of old unrecorded stuff which I'm giving a polish with my new tools and the other being very recent stuff - the last two years. I'm two thirds the way through a 3 month block of vacation to do all this and I have worked out a formula for getting the most out of my day...... I think!... I call it the 'W.R.A.P.' formula

W is for Write best done between 7.30 am and 12.30- including Object Writing

R is for record by the time I'm past lunch my brain is gluggy but I'm fine for laying tracks and singing

A is for Aquisition this might mean going for a walk down the street or a drive to a nearby suburb or seeing a film - having a coffee with someone and tossing ideas about, anything that gets 'new material' in your brain and senses!

P is for Production after dinner time this is the time to polish those tracks recorded  during the afternoon or revisit work on other mixes in progress - usually all wrapping up by ten PM!

Of course you might not do all these things on any one day - but it's a good way to gauge progress- am I 'producing' too much do I need to spend more time on 'lyric and writing' etc...

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