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November 14, 2018, 04:10:24 PM
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Author Topic: My object writing blog  (Read 3717 times)
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« on: November 24, 2015, 09:56:33 PM »

Since doing Pat's Songwriting course on Coursera, I've taken up Object Writing.

I'm publishing some on this blog: http://www.voicesoff.com/category/object-writing/

Probably missing a sense here and there, but anyway, here's one:


We are anchored in the moonlit bay. Path of the moon reflected on calm water. Lights of the not-distant marina oranging the sky above low hills.

Nearby, masthead lights of our neighbours sway gently. I clamber up into the cockpit, easing through the hatch, treading carefully in the unfamiliar insolidity of footing. Holding on to what’s-that-called, the wire that supports the mast, with one hand, peeing over the side, arc of fluid capturing moonlight like a nocturnal rainbow. Having a wee tinkle to myself, adding minutely to the sea’s foam.

The salt smell of the water. The smokey taste of whisky from down below, lowered voices while winding down conversation with Andrew, Susan asleep on his shoulder on the foam-cushioned bench. The dated wooden interior boasts cubbyholes labelled “Cocktails” and “Snacks”. Andrew proudly produces ice out of a thermos flask.

An increasing feeling of elation, discovery, possibility – these western coves and islands, all accessible by sea, by floating hideaway, rocking to sleep in new and beauteous places each night. Dinghies with outboard motors or elegant oars. Smoking mackerel on gravel beaches, crouched in the wind-shelter of outcropping shoreline rocks. Scrambling into nettle-guarded caves doubtless frequented by ancestors over millennia.

The yacht, basic, ageing, but honestly herioc, becomes my new dream. Before I’m 50, can I be worthy and capable of this?
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