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April 24, 2019, 04:15:16 AM
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Author Topic: Re-gendering songs  (Read 1144 times)
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Chris Dudley
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« on: November 11, 2016, 07:27:28 PM »

There are lovely songs to sing that are really tied to one gender or the other. Adapting them for the other gender can do strange things to them. Here are two, Diamond and Rust, and Across the Great Divide that change. Diamonds and Rust goes from nostalgia to grief over an abortion. Across the Great Divide turns from a preparation for flight into solitude to a plea against it.

Diamonds and Rust        Words by Joan Baez, adapted by Chris Dudley

Iíll be damned,
Here comes your ghost again
But that's not unusual,
Itís just that the moon is full
You happened to call.

Here I sit,
Hand on the telephone
Hearing a voice Iíd know
A couple of light years ago
Heading straight for a fall.

I remember the scent of your hair
Spread out on the pillow,
Lilacs filled the window.
Where are you calling from?
A friend's baby shower.

Ten years ago,
I got you a good ring.
You brought me somethingÖ
We both know what memories will bring,
They bring diamonds and rust.

ĎN you came on the scene
When I wasnít looking.
Listening to Bookends,
A time of confidences
Fell straight in my arms.

And there you stayed,
A temporary ecstasy.
The Adonis was your you see,
The stone on the pedestal
Would keep you from harm.

Bleak leaves fell all around the snow in your hair.
Glare out the window of the crummy hotel over Washington Square.
Breath came like clouds, mixed and hung in the air.
Speaking strictly for me, should have been me who died there.

I can tell
Youíre feeling nostalgic.
Thatís not the word for it.
Itís what we didnít do
Thatís keeping things vague.

I can use some of that vagueness now,
It comes back too coldly.
Yes I loved you boldly,
But if you're offering diamonds and rust,
Iíve already paid.

Demo: https://soundcloud.com/vffypredceor/diamonds-and-rust

Across the Great Divide      Words by Kate Wolf, adapted by Chris Dudley

Iíve been turning, in my sleep,
Counting funerals, Ďsted of counting sheep
Where they all went, I canít say,
I just turned around, and theyíve gone away.

And Iíve been sifting through the layers
Of dusty books and arid papers.
They tell a story I used to know.
It left me lonesome so long ago.

Itís gone away, in yesterday
And I find myself on the mountainside.
Where the rivers change direction
Across the Great Divide.

Then I heard the owl calling
Softly as the night was falling,
With a question, and I replied.
Now sheís flown into her married life.

Sheís flown away in yesterday
And I find myself on the mountainside,
Where the rivers change direction,
Across the Great Divide.

The finest hour I have known
Canít be one where I stood alone.
The sound of children as the play
Is how the darkness is a rolled away.

Itís gone away in yesterday
And I find myself, on the mountainside,
Where the rivers change direction
Across the Great Divide.

Demo: https://soundcloud.com/vffypredceor/across-the-great-divide
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