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« on: December 29, 2019, 02:05:22 AM »
Under the cover of darkness. Body heat from a room full of expectant faces. The weight of expectancy feels like a weighted blanket. Feel this chest rise as cool air streams into lungs. Temporarily suspended as the breath rolls around inside, exploring the caverns of the body. As a tidal force it is torn back to the ocean of air it came from scattered as wishes become when they are torn from the silence of our hope and cast into the world. Flame flickers, dancing as it dies. Gentle orange glow illuminates the shadows that dance upon the edges of a face. Lines of the nose, sharp, as if cut by a knife. Cheek bones slice the air as the brows crawl to one another. In a never silent universe a pin drop slices through the seriousness of the situation, a distant cough, the shuffling of someones feet and the wooden creak of the floor below. Job is done. Wishes are bubbles that come from below our vast of ocean of understanding. Somewhere too distant for us to dive to but they are seen all the same.


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