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« on: February 11, 2020, 08:05:40 PM »
Scratches on the bottom of it's black hard plastic lined with tiny lashes of fur that have fallen off during it's rants and raves. The dog continues pacing back and forth, with each step, the plastic is bruised with markings from the dog's nails clawing further in. The cage locked with an additional pad lock and zip ties and stinks of urine and feces. A smell so rancid you could smell several feet away. From above the ceiling you hear the sound of kids starting to awake with their little feet pressing against the floor like a man crushing grapes to turn into wine. As the they get moving, the dog's feet synch with there's in rhythm as he anticipates being freed from his crate. The boys come down from their rooms still in their pjs, only to be hit with the stench of the dog. Their bodies stiffen as they come close but then quickly move away towards the fridge to grab their breakfast. Their father coming downstairs moments later with a similar bodily reaction to which his kids laugh. The dog whimpers as signs of leaving the crate diminish. He cleans the crate, digging the feces and urine out...


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