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June 20, 2019, 03:16:55 AM
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Author Topic: Donut  (Read 292 times)
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« on: March 09, 2018, 01:53:30 PM »

17 nothing better to do but get in the car with some friends on a snowy day. School was cancelled and our pack of friends get in our cars to go the parking lot of Walker woods. I had a white 4 cylinder little mustang with a sticker on the side window with a tree of life on it colored in psychedelic patterns. My other friend had the infamous red station wagon that would be a magnet for the cops to pull over with the dancing bears on the bumper and his long blond hair. We would do donuts in the parking lot making streaks in the snow. The air was crisp with the smell of fires from the houses near by. The "woods" or a patch of woods that stretched out maybe 10 miles was our hiding place in the suburban crowded world we grew up in on Long Island. On any given day there would be kids hanging out making fires, drinking beer and whisky. There was a homeless man that set up camp and we were always scared of encountering him. We never did though. In the winter the lake would freeze and we could walk across it to the island and have parties with kegs and our radios playing the Grateful Dead. One night the whooshing sound of a helicopter came rushing in with spotlights to chase us out. Now looking back they probably just wanted to have a little excitement that night and wanted to take a ride on the helicopter cause nobody was hurting anyone but themselves.
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