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March 26, 2019, 10:55:19 PM
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Author Topic: Mascara  (Read 238 times)
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« on: March 13, 2018, 10:35:02 PM »

Growing up I was brought up to know what my "masculinity" was, an image of hiking boots caked with yellow mud under worn jeans dyed all the colors of the sky and some of the earth.  A Columbia fleece carries the scent of last night's campfire into the cold morning and the crudely popped collar grazes 10 'o clock shadow. These are what comes to mind when I paint a self portrait in my mind's eye.

In all this my eyelashes have been the fibers of my femininity, staring through in kindness and in slyness. It wasn't until I was well into adulthood that people would bring up this feature of my countenance that lied many years dormant. Looking back they were there on the boy who understood the girls better, and even now they stand for the depolarization of my sexuality and the freeing of my identity.

I have seen the men who also unlocked the power of an emphasized eye, and I remember their stares. The way they tried to use their glare to seduce women made me understand all the more the power of a glance. But the testosterone of the hunt corrupts the beauty, for the feminine eye looks out into the world with amplified force, and with mascara that stare can pierce across a room.
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