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« on: February 14, 2020, 12:02:15 AM »
   In the summers I hand you my wallet and phone and keys and ask you to put them in your purse. And they fit just fine in the long leather pocket, with all your other necessities that come along with us wherever we go. I start to feel jealous when I have nowhere to put my things. I become a disorganized mess so easily.
   There was the time this Thanksgiving break when I set my phone down before going to change the baby, then came back to find it missing. I spent a half a day thinking it would turn up, then started to panic at night when it was still gone. Then all of us were searching beneath every couch cushion and under all the crap on every table. I was losing my mind. Your brother came up with the idea to check for ways to locate lost phones with an iPad, even when they are set to vibrate or silent mode. My phone started to ring, buried deep in the chair where Id been sitting hours earlier.
   I clung to it like a mother might to a long lost child. Like Gollum to the ring. I know it is silly, but Id been so certain it was gone forever.
   I still reach wildly for my pockets when I start to convince myself I have left something behind.
   I often find that my wallet is gone, and I only quell the panic that I feel by telling myself that I probably just set it someplace without thinking about it.
   Im always right. But what will happen the one time it is stolen? Or Ive accidentally mindlessly thrown it into a fire or down a sewer?
   What will happen the one time I take out all of my credit cards and cut them to pieces just because I was zoning out? What will happen when I literally flush all of my cash down the toilet?


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