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November 17, 2019, 08:29:09 AM
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Author Topic: Transport  (Read 279 times)
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« on: August 22, 2018, 02:22:11 PM »

   The bulky VHS camera was set up on a tripod with three action figures lined up in a V formation. “Energize,” we said, then hit the red button to stop the tape. Brian reached his hand in, removed two of the three action figures. I hit the red button once again to get the tape going. Brian spoke the narration, “Dear lord, I’ve been left behind!” Cut to the next scene on the transporter that we made out of construction paper and cardboard. The two other crew members (red shirts) appear “AS IF OUT OF THIN AIR!!!!” but find three more crewmen pointing phasers at them.  Mutiny!
   It was summer and we were in a week long media workshop at the local community college. Of course we were making a film with our Star Trek action figures. Frankly, nobody wanted to see a couple little kids running around on camera pretending to be adults. The teacher of the workshop was older, with slicked back gray hair, big glasses, and a trimmed thin beard. His gut would stick out of his Hawaiian shirts while he slouched in office chairs at the front of the classroom. He showed us how to make words become 3-D images moving about on a computer monitor. Many years later I would realize how similar this was to the screen saver I had on my college Dell. Which was always set to say swear words that my roommate would find offensive.
   There was a garden in the courtyard outside where we did most of our filming. I guess we wrote a script. We knew we could do the transport effect pretty easily and were excited by how good it came out! (Sometimes the red button would not stop quickly enough and the camera caught Brian’s hand reaching in to move Commander Riker out of the shot)
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