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« on: February 14, 2020, 10:13:45 AM »
Knees crawling in rich soil, a small brown haired girl creeps towards a bush, her fingers digging deep into the fertile ground, and the soft fluffy texture of it. Rustling green grass parts way to let her through, and she looks up to the Bush’s great height. Rich in emerald leaves and fiery, violent pink roses with stiff stems and thick thorns, ready to bite at her fingers should she get too close. She pokes a thorn inquisitively, and it seems the whole garden sighs when she touches it,and the drowning scent of earth, rot and flowers, like dark chocolate, becomes even stronger. She rolls over onto her back, to see the rose juxtaposed with a blue-white sky, which brings forth a cool singing wind. The girl takes a petal in her hand, and rolls it on her fingers obsessively, like a prayer bead, and marvels at the thin veins and almost translucent hue. Up in her elbows, she leans up and nips at a petal with teeth and lips. A sweet liquor fills her mouth, like those her mother drinks.


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