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April 20, 2019, 01:09:06 PM
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Author Topic: Mutation  (Read 142 times)
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« on: September 14, 2018, 04:03:31 AM »

A red fish with two heads or three eyes that’s what a mutation was when I first heard the word. It seems that random mutations are how nature picks new and improved designs for its living creations. Actually you always say DNA when you say mutation so really we’re talking about chemistry. The world of atoms and bonds which when scientists really investigate, disappear, leaving only space and energy. So a mutation is a subtle shift in energy a discreet suggestive wink slight pursing of the lips minuscule bulging of the eyes an entreating stretching out of the dominant hand followed by a waving in the air of that same hand. Like releasing a handful of white butterflies they tickle in the hand prior to being released squirming around and then the hand opens and they fly straight up except a few to the side and a giant moth sits in my bathroom ceiling I know I just know and want to look at it up close I want to study it. Its wings are beautiful I just know it as I’ve seen the pictures. If I took the incredible pattern of its dramatic wing drawings in black and about 200 greys and recolored it in photoshop. It would look incredible  and this was done by mutations too. And it took a long time to design. One little pigment at a time and off she goes grows and flies off to test her mettle. Her tiny feet hold on to my ceiling without effort or is there some offert? Tiny suction cups I think just a force beyond comprehension compared to their tiny size and her relative weight. A Hercules of the nature world. The sunlight playing with her wings. “Her” as if she’s a beautiful woman as if nature is well but it is feminine. Somehow nicer to think of
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