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June 24, 2019, 01:49:13 PM
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Author Topic: Fire  (Read 220 times)
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« on: October 10, 2018, 10:05:31 AM »

Hot, hot in there, air coming in rushes and gushes and whoooooof! Hair goes back and the skin goes dry, face dry, but the warmth is nice, welcoming, come close to me, it says, and you will be no cold anymore. Do you feel the difference between the warmth in the front and the coldness in your back? Hey, that's called a temperature gradient! Fire is joking, it knows I studied thermodynamics and that's OK, but it is also cracking, and the sound evokes those times, back in my childhood, in the open fields in front of a bonfire like this, and everything was calmer and easier and more natural than now. Less people everywhere, less rush, you could sit on your own like this, feel the damp grass below you and the breeze over your head as the bonfire pins you in the ground, like a Google Maps mark in your timespace frame. Now, people use to talk about dragons when you point the fire to them and that's beyond space and time, fantasy is out of reach and you can't grab it as you can grab a fresh branch and let the fire kiss its brown and harsh surface, lap onto it and let you bring the fire's son or daughter with you and lit the way, lit the path, let it be your compass through the misty night, far away from the cities and the clock and the rush, over the hills and far, far away, where the world still keeps its virginal shape of forests and wildlife, crawling below your feet and around you unnoticed by these blind eyes, blind of anything that's not projected onto a screen, mapped in bits and algorithms, cold algorithms, lifeless beings that crawls also unnoticed around the gyrus of the brain. Life and memes won't even hit if they cross their paths; yours is the task to lit the candle with your own fire and follow the path unrestlessly.
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