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June 24, 2019, 02:05:38 PM
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Author Topic: Tree  (Read 348 times)
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« on: October 11, 2018, 03:55:23 PM »

I opened the door and there she was with her surprise and her smile, the mini Christmas tree, decorated and everything ... small red and silver ribbons covering the whole tree, she spread her hands and told me - Surprise! - In my chest I felt as if they lit a fire, something moved me so much that I almost cried. I smiled to conceal and I made her step into my home, closing that old white door with tricks ... I locked the rusty chain, always looking to do it silently ... Garfield my cat was wandering in the room, he already recognizes ... - honey! honey! - I said repeatedly, as we approached the small table at the entrance ... the tree had a silver ceramic pot where it was planted. She also took out a small cardboard box from her pink purse, it was the Christmas lights. We played Christmas music, singing over it, and we sat on the floor to assemble the tree ... Garfield was leaving and coming many times, appearing below us, climbed on the table and slowly smelled the pine, looking to rub with the pine as for leave his smell there ... he almost always does that after gaining trust with someone or something, ... when Garfield...............

Thanks a lot for reading and your feedback! I appreciate it a lot... Keep writin'
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