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March 25, 2019, 08:12:57 AM
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Author Topic: Radiator  (Read 118 times)
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« on: November 04, 2018, 04:16:23 PM »

The radiator is painted white and its cast iron tubes stick out of the raw wooden floorboards like submarine periscopes. The heavy leaved structure clunks and emits a comforting hissing sound which means warmth is on its way. Itís cold and a bit damp in the apartment and Iím wearing slippers but the wooden floor never gets really cold. My body and this white alien are so different. And the submarine surfaces with an explosion of foam and water washes over its black body and the grey water stretches forever to all sides but this little dot breaks the fluid surface and stands as an opposing will a minority report and the rulings of the Supreme Court although weighty will sometimes have the minority onionon which can serve as a reminder that individuals stand behind unpopular ideas sometimes. Judges in black robes lie in bed writing these while their wives and children are sound asleep and somewhere a baker wakes up the warm glow of his alarm clock reads 2.30 am and he makes coffee after finishing his object writing of course and starts his van and sets off to make delicious bagels and croissants. Soon the bakery is filled with the incredible pastry smells and the black iron plates come piping hot out of the oven some bagels at the corners are darker but not burnt the dough has set in a conplex web of intercalated dough molecules and the baker takes a phone call from his pregnant sister and he promises to save her a dozen for her mothers group which meets this morning. She organizes the meetups and they discuss various topics regarding whatís coming. The first time mothers have more questions and the others have more answers and they get to live through the excitement and trepidations of that first time itís an ordeal something to remember but so vast and at the same time so common itís been
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