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June 20, 2019, 03:14:59 AM
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Author Topic: coffee  (Read 185 times)
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John M
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« on: November 06, 2018, 10:02:43 PM »

the keurig gurgles and hisses
steam spews from the spout
it smells like morning at moms
dad sits at the table with the paper in hand
legs crossed and eye glasses sagging from the tip of his nose
his thick caterpillar eye brows are messy along with his bed-hair
mom rounds the corner into the kitchen in her nightgown
father raises his eye from the page and gazes at her
she comes bearing gifts, steamy coffee mugs
she sets the cups to the table clumsily and a wave of coffee spills over the rim
i grab a single white sheet of paper towel and absorb the blunder
the kitchen gets a little chilly this time of year
the trees get a little bare
the ground gets a little hard from the cold winter air
i wrap my hands around the warmness of the mug and let the heat sink in a little
i hold it up to my lips, just below my nose and breath the fumes
my heart is filled with joy
i press the edge of the cup to my lips and begin to suck ever so gently as to not burn my mouth on the first sip
i test the temperature
its too hot
a few taste buds go down in flames
i set it back on the table and reach for the carton of creamer
not my favorite thing to taste but it sure does smell delicious
mom smiles standin over me, scooping some fresh scrambled eggs onto my plate
looks to be more more than i can eat...
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