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April 24, 2019, 04:22:53 AM
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Author Topic: Key  (Read 129 times)
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« on: November 08, 2018, 05:18:24 AM »

The new key is gleaming. It has a lollipop colored round part. A translucent green which makes my eyes dreamy as i focus on it. Compared to the dull metallic and brown keys previously available it seemed space age had arrived. A key covered entirely in red or green or any of dozens of other colors were also available but when the paint inevitably wore off they looked horrible like worn out robots with hollow metallic eyes. The keys made me feel I belonged and like an adult and nothing was more important when I was 8. Taking the key out and inserting it. The key pushes aside the little pins and chunk chunk chunk it penetrates further and further until itís completely inside. Then the oiled turn and the lock sometimes with a larger chunk disengages. There were older keys too and these seem like a pirate might use them to lock a chest of treasure and Tintin might travel the world to find it. And the keycard opens the hotel room and the green light fleeting hurry push down the handle and it sounds like a car door so complex and the door is heavy and emits a whoosh as it glides over the perfumed carpet and the room is like a space shuttle completely organized and Iím sitting in the capsule goodbye earth my spacesuit is white and high tech and I feel like Iíve never felt before Iím sitting facing the sky with
My fellow astronauts and weíre about to take the mars voyage the first manned mission to Mars. Mission the word fills me with resolve and daring. Space mission is ten times better than a military mission itís about exploration for the benefit of all and Iím probably never coming back I leave everything behind but I must see what itís like out there later I eat space food and it tastes bland but we have every kind of music and movie available and one day the tiny red dot becomes visible and grows larger by the day and a giant red bal
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