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June 20, 2019, 03:37:26 AM
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Author Topic: Baseball hat  (Read 227 times)
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« on: January 11, 2019, 04:43:28 PM »

The blue shade curves downward and the corners touch the spots just in front of my temples. Pushing slightly inwards as if knocking to enter my skull. The white bone and teeth covered with a thin blanket of skin and the a cloth contraption to ward off the sun. The light is hammering on the hat. A steady stream of photons piling up energy and making the little blue cloth molecules boil and dance in their own right underneath the shade itís cool and dark and distant music is the battle up top and my eyes survey the field and the pop when the ball is hit. Other naked skulls are visible we are a bone collection walking around stuffing hotdogs into the void underneath our jaws. The bones are well lubricated and make no sound and all look similar but after a while I can sense differences and I can appreciate the thicker bones and the slender ones so many models and theyíre distributed at random. Incredible. The plastic seats are orange and have far less diversity they seem completely identical but look closely and they too are not the same tiny scratches set them apart and some are bent a little more and the coloring is different on some and the air floats silently around it all now we have organs too and here the spectacle really takes off. Livers also come in different sizes and these factories pump and hustle all through our lives they never stop itís a miracle. I need a break evíry five minutes if Iím performing a heavy duty task but our brain kidneys and lungs and donít forget the heart they are non stop machines never even for a second do they get a break
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