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June 20, 2019, 03:45:50 AM
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Author Topic: baseball hat  (Read 146 times)
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John M
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« on: January 11, 2019, 07:29:06 PM »

in high school, the cool kids seem to wear them, some, worn in normal fashion, others are flipped around, totally backwards, i laugh at the idiots who wear them sideways, its like, what's the deal? makes me think of the intro to fresh prince, if one person on the planet could pull off a sideways hat, its will smith, prior to being a big-time movie star. in grade school we wore them in support of our favorite baseball team, red sox, yankees, if you were a close enough ally of mine, and good looking enough, and of the opposite sex, i'd have let you write on the inside of it, a flirtatious 'hello' or maybe some inside joke that was too inappropriate, thus needed to be hidden in the shadows beneath the visor, the hats always smelled like sweat and hair grease, hair would always fall out of my head and get caught in the base of the rim, id have to pluck them out like feathers one by one and scatter them to the wind, when it all comes down to it, its all about the curve, that perfect curve of the visor, that flawless semi-circle, even, smooth, no creases, bent precisely to the shape of my head, adding depth, dimension, and a mysticism to my look that couldn't  be accomplished otherwise, that's how i felt in the mirror at least, i don't think much of anyone else's hats, i doubt they they'd think twice looking at mine, yet, underneath, its full of secrets, numbers, names, inside jokes...
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