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November 15, 2019, 01:50:45 PM
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Author Topic: unicycle  (Read 108 times)
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« on: June 10, 2019, 11:21:19 AM »

I heard that someone is now trying to get unicycles out there ala scooters. never mind, it was pogo sticks. equally as weird. bad idea. so i saw a large large turtle (tortoise?) this morning. moving so slow and, well, gracefully, really. the control. but i called the police cuz it was in a parking lot and i didn't want it to get hurt. marsh nearby.  what was it looking for? why did it leave the marsh for a flat, hard parking lot. i have no desire to ride a unicycle. but i admire those who do. fearless, core strength, agility. good qualities to have in life. just wear a helmet. it must be fun if you can do it well. like just about anything. today we'll visit brown university. i've always had good feelings about brown. tough to get in to. very tough. but it will be good to see it, add to our brain data base of experiences and places. beautiful day, G will be all set with J. grateful for these couple of weeks before the rest of the area gets out of school. uni uni university. word to make up with uni. uni-dinner (dinner alone). uni-sleep. uni-date. i want to take myself on a uni-date to see the new elton john movie. uni-walk. uni-talk. uni-write. interesting that i never think about the word "universe" in the word "university." unicyclists feel like show-offs in public. or clowns downtown juggling for pennies in their cap. unitard is a thing of course. i love these days. up early while she sleeps in. must clean up. will clean up. closet. office. bathrooms drawers. basement. overwhelmed. something each day. grateful. feel so bad for M and what he is going through. but it is torture to hear him constantly self-flagilating. i just don't know. there must be a treatment that will help him.
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