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August 22, 2019, 08:13:54 PM
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Author Topic: Chapstick  (Read 58 times)
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« on: June 12, 2019, 11:24:11 AM »

In the bottom of the soft bag that was in my last car, a tub at the bottom, white label. I pick it up between my fingers. I should throw it out but i first of course have to open it up to see how gunky it is. but i realize as i pick it up that it is a new one. the label is not torn or faded. it is a new chapstick. so of course i keep it. i lift the small cap off of it. the surface is smooth, untouched. i am a mom so of course i think of her. i will give it to her. i am not worthy of a new chapstick. i must have old smudgy ones with flecks of dirt in between the cap and the case, maybe a hair in there too. this is pur, untouched. strawberry flavored. spf. but will she use it. at least it's not grape. i would rather have tinted anyway. i know how that concave top feels the first time. it's annoyingly concave, but you know you trust that it will smooth out with a few applications. me i like the new tinted lip glosses i have that fit my lips perfectly, add a little color. but they are so small they fit in my purse, a little pocket in my purse, practically weightless. they have a slightly sweetish pleasant smell. not too sweet. they are oval, not round. an oval cylinder. they fit in her little prom purse. weightless is good. small is good. one in my car, one in my purse. my go-to. small. like my lips. i can't imagine doing lip plumping. maybe a bit but women overdo it and look ridiculous. i like what i do for myself. i am grateful that i can do it. some of it is preventative really. i like how i look. i like that i am not addicted to chapstick. i wish she would use more spf, drink more fluids and have more protein. but i don't want to nag. she already feels less-than i know. but those are important health things. chapstick when it is sticky is like old honeycomb. gunky. the menthol smell and flavor of some. the plain kind has just a gunky smell and flavor. sticky on your lips. maybe ok for night moisturizing but nothing else. i need to declutter. throw stuff out. what will i wear today. one of the dresses in the downstairs closet. gotta go through those. clothes are crammed in there so tight. i love clothes. at least i'm not a shoe freak. well not too bad at least. chapstick smeared on my cheek. exfoliate those lips. chapstick in my pocket. chapstick lovers. chapstick fighters. minichapstick. world's largest chapstick. chapstick for dogs. chapstick-flavored ice cream. chapstick is just a fun word to say. chapstick fighters - name of a band maybe. chapstick forever. chapstick - a sculpture. chaptstick - and adventure. chapstick art. chapstick flying across the room. he tosses it to her. a gesture of love. highschool. sweet. don't eat it. no eat it, i dare you. gag. randomness is wonderful. chapstick party. chapstick holidays. chapstick is still around. but everything has changed around it.
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