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November 14, 2019, 02:11:13 AM
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Author Topic: Front Door  (Read 106 times)
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« on: June 14, 2019, 11:30:43 AM »

She got her finger caught in the front door. in the hinge. she reminded me of it yesterday. she asked about compost. why don't we do it any more. when did we stop. that large chipped ceramic bowl. we felt good to fill it with peelings, scrapings, pits, veggies-gone-bad. but guess who lugged it out to the pile. me. and we really did't do anything with it. well we had a garden for awhile. but it got icky and moldy, attracted fruit flies. that was our old kitchen. i finally gave myself permission not to have to do that. like skiing. i was old enough when i had my ski panic and slid down the hill on my butt while husband carried skiis. i was old enough to not have to do this any more. daughter was skiing on her own and had others to guide her and ski with her. she was way ahead of me, figuratively and literally. and thank goodness she was way ahead then so she didn't have to see my pitiful self, what a site. ha. no more, never again. ski lodge for me. i like apre-ski. warm fire, glass of wine, cozy socks.

but that day back then we did have a compost bowl. and we did bring it out to "the icky pile." which is where jennifer was headed with, lori reminded me, the compost bowl. when she got her finger stuck in the front door, between the door frame and the side of the door. and i made it worse, closing the door tighter in my panic instead of loosening it around her finger. that will haunt me. i need to keep calm in crisis situations. jennifer was calmer. but yeah that is in her nature.

now the front door has been refinished by R. he took so long trying to get it right. and he did. i thought he said he was going to clean it or repaint it or something. maybe will do that. need to call floor cleaners today. i never go in the front door and rarely drive past it. must check it out. k's planted pots look so nice in front of it. UPS comes to it every day i'd say. Amazon. what's coming today. how much longer will i have this front door.
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