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November 14, 2019, 02:09:58 AM
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Author Topic: Nail polish  (Read 100 times)
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Dorian Black
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« on: June 14, 2019, 09:14:34 AM »

A glossy thick liquid spreads evenly across my fingertips. It takes its time to dry up, claiming the area for its own. This is my turf now, a new modern way of existence, covering all that used to be there under a wave of temporary oblivion. Like an oil stain that spread in the sea, the dark liquid takes over, smothering the nail below. I can almost fell its weight on my fingertips, less than a few grams but enough to make a difference. The smell is also ever present, sharp, painfully pleasant it intrudes the nostrils with the confidence of a movie star on the red carpet. A sense of infinity as the polish hardens, a vain confidence that it is here to stay forever. My hand trebles slightly as a I move the brush strokes, trying to leave an even surface without brush lines. Vanity needs perfection. And still, I can already see the ends of the polish fracking in a few days, the shiny surface losing its shiny splendor and the color fading, surrendering to the relentless torture of time. Time smiles as beauty brags.
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