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Author Topic: case study #1 -Song development  (Read 3326 times)
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« on: January 02, 2008, 02:19:26 PM »

I came away from one of my group object writing sessions with a title idea - the sound of midnight. This was a 5 minute exercise where we could only focus on the sense of sound this is what I came up with:

The sound of midnight is the roar of the city, the accumulation of a thousand air conditioners shooting air from tired exhausts. The sound of midnight is a hundred cars, tyres whining on the freeway to ‘Somewheresville’. The sound of midnight is being at attention for her key in the door, the relief when the ‘ka-chink’ meets your ear. The sound of midnight is two possums fighting, frantic scrabbling saying “get out of here”. The sound of midnight is the couple downstairs doing their best to please one another without any regard for any other, the sound of my head going inder the pillow as the passion gets louder. The sound of midnight is waves on a beach while we sit looking up to the sky, The sound of midnight is a rock and roll band playing an anthem with the crowd cheering on. I am in the process of reworking this and have a melody idea and chord progression , now how do I take that somewhere…. first another round of object writing…. Midnight Work sheet    from this I picked some keywords; Dream, Dark, Insomniac, owl,  lullaby. I have also split up the vowel sounds of the title Sound [an ow sound] of [O- short O sound] mid [i as in wizard] and night- I found perfect rhymes first and then found ‘realtives’ as defined by Pat Pattison in Writing Better Lyrics  .

Here’s the working list thus far:


drowned, found, ground, inbound, profound, renowned, surround

outward bound , mcMurdo sound, air to ground, all year round, duty bound ,black gowned, breeding ground, burial mound, burned to the ground ,common ground, dog-pound ,empty sound, faster than sound, fishing ground, feet on the ground, go move the same old ground, grave-bound, half drowned, halo-crowned ,homeward bound, inward bound, killing ground, merry go round, neutral ground,  nowhere to be found, proving ground, rally round, raze to the ground, shift your ground, sense-bound, solid ground ,speed of sound, taming ground ,on the rebound ,tear-drowned, thorn-crowned thousand pound, triple crowned, year -round

near rhymes [rough]- from verse perfect roundex

ashamed, awakened,  chained,  mad, gunned,, hackneyed, high hand, high wind, , icy wind, jammed,  joined, keen-eyed, , ozoned,  sand,  scammed, scanned, seahound,  snowed, , swanned,  swooned,  weakened, week-end, weekend, , zoomed,


above, belove, deneuve, deneuve, dove, glove, gov, labove, love, o’glove, of, shove, thereof, vanhov

enough, of the cuff,  powder puff,  rough, tough, treasure trove, wove, stove

art of love, a cut above, act of love, angel of love, boxing glove, burn with love, fall at the feet of, fly in the face of, kid glove, not lose sight of, velevet glove ,well thought of, wash your hands of [verse perfect roundex]


forbid, skid, slid,squid,

Heaven forbid,  cattle-grid, blow of the lid,  flip your lid,  starting grid, ached,  acid, aged,  exceed,  go-ahead,  kid,  squad, swayed used, waged, wagged,washed,weighed, wicked, end ,hand ,need,, mud one-eyed owned, wand windwound, yawned


alight,  bright, delight, despite, fight,  flight, height ignite,  outright,  overnight, overnite, overwrite, reignite, reunite, rewrite,  sight, , tight, tonight,
angel of light, approach light, arc light,  at first light, at first sight,  bathed with light,  bleached white,  bomb site, , courtesy light, day and night, dead right,  diamond-bright, emergency light,  fire fight, fire-light, fire-tight, fly-by-night, flying kite, last-ditch fight, parking light, pass out of sight, wavering light, [verse perfect roundex]


afoul,, foul, fowl, growl, howl,  prowl, raul, scowl, towel,

 be wise as an owl, blind as an owl,drunk as an owl,  fair means or foul,

hours [near  rhymes]
 bowers, , cowers, devours, empowers,  flowers,  hour’s, hours, powers,  scours, showers, sours, superpowers, towers,

April showers,Central Powers, idle hours, keep banker’s hours, keep late hours, little hours, office hours, separation of powers, small hours, stay up into the small hours, the Hours, the small hours, three hours, waste the precious hours,


attack, back,  black, crack, , knack, knick-knack, lack,  pack, plaque,  sack, sak, schack, schlack, schnack, schrack, shack, slack, smack, snack,stack unpack,whack,

almanac, amnesiac  aphrodisiac cardiac comeback flashback greenback quarterback kickback egomaniac hardback kodak  piggyback pontiac sack tarmac union jack wisecrack zodiac [from the Complete Rhyming Dictionary -Clement Wood]

battle flag, jet lag, saddle bag, swag, zigzag, chad, dad, fad, glad, iron-clad, launch pad, leningrad, mad, olympiad, flap, gap, handicap, mishap thunder- clap strap slap

Admiralty flag, Union flag, aerodynamic  drag, anchor drag, body bag, carrier bag, chequered flag, dog tag, gadget bag,  hoist the white flag,  in the bag,  kit bag, let the cat out of the bag, saddle-bag, sand-bag, shoulder bag, weekend bag,

arc, ark , bark, disembark, embark, embark,  park,  question-mark, remark,  spark, tark,disembark, easy mark, quark

art[near rhyme]- heart, apart, art, cart, dart, depart, descartes, impart, k-mart,  part,restart,  smart, start, tart, counterpart, descart, heart lionheart mozart pop art shopping cart  state of the art sweetheart video art

hard[near rhyme] - avant-garde, bard,barred,  bombard,card,  discard, disregard,  guard, hard, regard,  retard,scarred, shard,  starred, tarred, yard, blowhard bodyguard bombard boulevard discard lifeguard placard regard shard

ar[near rhyme]- calendar angular avatar binocular boxcar caviar circular crossbar czar evening star cellular memoir morning star shooting star spectacular tow bar at work, hat trick, trick,truck woodwork,

 beam, cream, downstream, esteem, extreme, gleam, redeem, regime,scheme, scream, seam, seem, , steam, stream, supreme, team, theme, exterme gleam ice cream moonbeam redeem regime sceme scream tream

Drums[near rhyme(s)],  A Farewell to Arms, agree on terms, at opposite extremes, at the reins,  beat the drums, bedroom eyes, bedroom’s, bedrooms,  brainstorms, break into smithereens,  call to arms, crown of thorns, crown-of-thorns, cup of bitterness, draw the purse strings, drawings,  hailstorms, heart-strings, , mainstreams, mixed drinks no strings, nocturnes, on good terms,  present arms,  snowstorms,  subterraneous,  the doldrums, theorems,, thunderstorms, wanderings,waters of bitterness,

seen[near rhyme] - aquamarine, between,  caffeine, canteen,  clean, intervene,  mean,  onscreen, routine, saline, sardine,  scene, screen, seen, serene, sheen, between blue green benzene caffeine eighteen gasoline go-between grass is green guillotine  kerosene limousine magazine morphine napthalene nectarine nicotine praying machine pristine protein putting green quarantine ice-queen split screen submarine tambourine unforeseen vaccine wide screen

bring[near rhyme]

Adam’s offspring,  Boring, God-fearing, overpowering, backfiring,burnt offering, deep-frying, anything aching bullring cling evening full swing plaything string swing wedding ring  answering balancing blanketing challenging channeling


beautiful blue sky black eye bow tie butterfly crucify mystify deny disqualify diversify drip dry love firefly gemini humble pie dignify notify occupy simplify purify red-eye overfly passerby private eye qualify  shut eye small fry rabbi weather spy

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