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November 17, 2019, 08:31:22 AM
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Author Topic: Case study- Song Developmetn part three first Rough lyric idea  (Read 2385 times)
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« on: January 02, 2008, 02:22:23 PM »

Hereís my first effort at a lyric sheet based on my culled list of keywords
some crazy images here , but it gets the juices flowingÖ..

Sound of midnight

In my coffee break caffeine dream
Youíre a butterly
Singing a lullaby

In my insomnia
Iím watching the cinema
And an orchestra
is playing a punching glove replica
of our drip-dry love

itís the sound of midnight

I flash back
to an almanac
of our dreams
thereís no strings
on our heart

Standing on the tarmac
 I watch the plane Depart
A lonely Humphrey Bogart
My vision getting opaque
As we pull up the hand brake
the sky becomes a thunderstorm
our love moves into quarrantine

Thatís the sound of midnight

This insomnia
Is a bacteria
My gemini mind
Is blown two ways
Iím on the starting grid
But I want the chequered flag
Your leaving
Is going to put some gasoline
Under the old routines
Itíll be a good vaccine
For the bacteria
Nicotine will be my morphine
For insomnia

The grass is greener
on my split screen gemini TV
Iím deep frying away the evening
With mixed drinks
Iíll sit tight
ítil we re-unite
Your aphrodisiac
Will make a comeback
Iíll fix the zodiac
To the day

Iíll look all around
Until I have found
A way
To muster super powers
Iíll be one eyed
I will exceed
Iíll be a praying machine
Making a new regime
In an icy wind
On a cold weekend
When Iím feeling chained
To these thousand pound hours

thatís the sound of midnight

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