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August 22, 2019, 03:53:08 AM
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Author Topic: Marker  (Read 27 times)
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Dorian Black
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« on: August 13, 2019, 05:53:46 AM »

It’s a warm sunny morning where I am grumpy and sleepy. Everything feels wrong, everything feels like it is specifically designed to be just a little bit wrong, so little that you wouldn’t notice on its own, but in summary it can just ruin your day. And I am just a 5-year-old in my school, not even imagining how this will escalate in the following years…poor me.
Today is the yearly photo day, a big moment as our teacher told us, a moment to remember for the rest of our lives through the photo that we will take with us at the end of the day. A green desk, a vague background with a country map in the back and in front of us a white A4 piece of paper and a red marker. This is the standard picture. I am waiting in line, literally waiting to get shot by this middle aged photographer who definitely doesn’t like waking up early in the morning and being around kids. I wait wearing my good clothes, hand picked by my mother specifically for the photoshoot. Uncomfortable, strange against my body, I don’t understand why I cannot just wear again my sweatpants and t-shirt which I like. The shirt collar feels tight around my neck, the gel in my hair sticky….
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