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August 22, 2019, 02:55:18 AM
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Author Topic: Marker  (Read 21 times)
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« on: August 13, 2019, 01:14:06 PM »

She holds the Sharpie carefully and concentrates as she pulls it evenly across the top of my hand, drawing a small heart. My first instinct is to pull my hand away, but she does it with such precision, such concentration, that I don't want to mess up her little drawing or this moment. That combination of loving and teasing me, giving and taunting. I will enjoy wearing it. It will wash off before I know it, and I will have forgotten all about it. Forgotten the days when she did things like that, left me little love notes on yellow stickies. I must do that for her. I must tell her I love her. Praise her. She is so hard on herself. I want to share with her some of the things I am feeling enlightened about, being aligned, or at least being aware of that that means and feels like. I will radiate and transcend. I brought back positive energy from the Berkshires and I won't let go of it. I will hold my Sharpie carefully and draw hearts on my own hand, on my heart. On the hearts and hands of others. I will trust. I feel glorious and glorified. This precious animal at my feet, happily concentrating on her chew bone. My lovely daughter asleep upstairs. I will go up now and record a worktape, then practice flute. I will see these things not as things I "have" to do, but things I "get" to do. What a thrill!!  I am joyous, grateful, excited for what lies ahead today, for what is already happening. And for what today holds for my friend T.  I remember the days of L and Ashli, doing crafts at the kitchen island. Lori so happy and content to be with her big "sis," someone who shared some of her interests and humor. Those were special times. I am so grateful for Trish and Mary and their influence on L. She and I are better because of them. I send love and peace to them. I will draw hearts on your hand, Sharpie hearts that won't wash off right away. There are markers now that are disappearing ink, that smell like cotton candy. That erase, that puff up like marshmallow driplets.
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