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Node 14-Dec
« on: December 14, 2019, 09:57:45 PM »
Banks of computers whirr and fight against the rush of air-conditioned air, a small hurricane that pushes hair against scalp.Itís dehumidified air you can feel it sucking moisture out of you like your insides had been scented with salt crystals. At the far end of the room the nodes of a hundred inputs wink and twitter a Christmas tree of technology that will never know its season. Winking and blinking, sending ones and noughts at bullet train speed plus along tendrils of copper. RJ 45ís in distant lands receive and semaphore yellow, images appear and disappear information imparted to the cornea and the oculus reinterpreted as data for the brain, its own series of nodes and cross-points. A rail junction of synapses and dendrites, an army of them rise and fall and give homage to the newly born information. Cross referenced, sorted, slotted into blocks of enzymic information. Stored for later recall. Our brains, so many more times quicker and smarter than any PC, yet we think we are dumb.They can calculate faster, yes. Do mundane  well yes, but these nodules and copper tendrils cannot compete in terms of imagination. Pattern recognition yes, interpretation no.The door closes and I am back in a world of silence, almost like stumbling into he middle of a field on a moonlit night, the air still, not breath of wind a barren field freshly sown, turned earth and seed a fresh start after this latest Sherlock episode to discover the cause of the latest outage.


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