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Author Topic: The possums  (Read 2026 times)
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« on: October 15, 2007, 07:41:44 AM »

Next door
giant possums are scraping their tails
around bare floorboards
Gnawing at cables
like rats
scraping their claws
on vacant walls

They’re nocturnal
still active at break of day
scurrying around
of the noise they make
bringing me awake
to light
leeching into the black

turn on my back
pillow over  head
to keep out  noise
Can the council do
about these giant possums?
Do they even know they’re there?
Surely somebody else
has reported their presence?
How could you miss them?

When did a possum learn to operate
power saws at 7.30 A.M.
what trade school did they go to?
I don’t recall an opposable thumb,
but maybe these aberations
have grown one?
Tap, tap , tap
go their ruthless hammers
and now they’re firing guns
full of nails.
Maybe I’m, wrong
Maybe they’re not possums.
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