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Author Topic: "Evreything New Again'  (Read 2045 times)
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« on: October 15, 2007, 07:47:43 AM »

Swann Street Richmond
A dwarfish man is huddled at the back of a shop
full of brick-a-brack and oddments.
An A.M. radio babbles speedway race Greek.
I come, seeking a grub screw.
Something simple
to fit a door handle
circa 1923
worn dull through use.

An apartment building of drawers
holds screws of various sizes,
all at his disposal.
He scrapes around,
looking for something suitable.
Rusty headed bolts are tried in the thread
not forced,
just enough to see if they’ll fit.

As he fishes I take in the shop.
There are bits and pieces from all walks of life.
Taps and fittings shine like lightning.
Whimsical knobs and handles
good enough to make ‘everything new again’,
that’s the slogan on the door.

He’s still fidgeting
making gruff noises,
huddled over like the hunchback of Notre Dame,
not finding anything suitable.
“We could try to force it”
he barks,
Accent surreal Greek.
“Don’t worry, I’ll find another way” I say.
I want that screw to sit snug.

Another shop comes to mind -
Victoria Street,
where diligent gentleman
may be able to assist.
two men are attempting to fit a double bed mattress
into the back of a station wagon.
“It’ll never happen”. I think to myself.

The hardware store:
“We've  nothing imperial, but,
a 6 'mil' might do the job”
He disappears into the rear,
thirty seconds later
with a selection of packets.
The six mil seems to be promising,
The darkness between the threads calls to me.
I can purchase a part
for ‘tapping’ the thread
to do the job properly
I can try to force the thread myself
I take the cheaper option as it's brass
and, at home
it is an outrageous success.
The bathroom is once again
a place of freedom,
not a prison, when the handle falls off.
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