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Author Topic: "I'll meet you under the clocks" [or City Lights]  (Read 2026 times)
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« on: October 18, 2007, 08:34:50 AM »

City lights are burning ,
walking home the air is damp,
its just been raining
burning rubber from a passing car is in the air

hubbub around me
traffic is a river flowing past ,
loud as a waterfall.
Iím  moving upstream,
fighting against the tide
tendrils of a cigarette lure me back to other times

looking up, a thousand  lamps are burning
in a thousand buildings,
glows paused in mid flight
and inside, lives are going on
light seeps out
through gaps in paper and curtains,
festooned buildings are halloween lanterns, 
muted translucent colours
shades of brown,
office buildings
honeycombs of fluorescence

Flinders street,
people lying on the steps,
sea lions basking on a beach
waiting for someone,
who said ďIíll meet you under the clocksĒ
thereís a busker setting up
As Iím eating dinner,
peeling off a backpack amplifier,
swinging down his axe
twelve strings of raging cats

peak hour tram,
to crowded to pay
canít get a seat [anyway]
we're pushed together like newborn kittens
all meowwing on the inside
ratlle by the casino
a sailing ship
in the sea of darkness
a cruise ship
so many lights
there canít be any sadness in there
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