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Author Topic: Albert Park 20-10-07  (Read 2179 times)
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« on: October 20, 2007, 05:35:48 AM »

Albert Park Lake 20-10-07

White triangles are plying the lanes
some with red tips
some blue
striving ahead
angled to the wind
people moving about
jockeying for best position
center boards lifted on the downwind section
an ambitious spinnaker is puffed up like the chest of a body builder
just kept awake by the varying wind

The water is translucent,
a fawn brown in places
submerged logs are dark shapes beneath the ripples
paint brush strokes of wind make grooves in the carpet of water
it is rhythmic and  every changing

Birds congregate
near picnic spots
where morsels of  food will be discarded
Black swans with numbered neck bands waddle on the grass
walking like they've eaten too much already
Coots with white tufts dive underwater,
surfacing 30 seconds later
darting glances, then dive again
A spindly legged piper
long beak punching into the mounds of silt
is hoping to catch some tasty morsel

The wind is stronger on the other side
making criss-cross patterns on the water,
some boats capsize as they round a marker
a man jumps on the center board to right his vessel,
as others go around being more careful

Past the reception center
breakfast is still being served
at 2 in the afternoon
a very nice view
must go there.
A waiter bends over a patron
straining to hear the order

At lakes' far end,
 a number of barbecues,
a voice loudly declares on the breeze
"Just one more exam, then freedom".
Good luck
He knows how to do the hard work
Seagulls are settled and preening at the end of the jetty
a series of small igloos on the tundra of concrete.

Working the legs now
left knee sore
too much much sedentary effort
has left muscles unsure
of what they're meant to do
but not long to go now.

Leave the circuit and pass the latest construction
"with stunning lake and sea views"
the billboard proclaims
itself looming over the heavy artery of Kings Way
the traffic is merciless and determined until a red light halts the flow
 and I turn for home.
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