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« on: January 10, 2020, 04:06:39 AM »
Bzzzzzzz I love your honey but you scare me! My mind hurts again with the violent wasp sting on my child thigh under my shift at the lake that year. Then again it was the embarrassment of crying so hard I puked. Today Im grown into a near-panicked adult with a honeybee floating near on a sweet breeze. Shame on me, I wish theyd live elsewhere, but I love honey and the fruits and veggies they bequeath us. Its love-hate, somehow... a symbiosis that is essential for us all. Vanilla beans soaked in honey with saffron diluted with crystalline water makes a luscious syrup. The warm fragrance cloud of vanilla greets my nose and sweetens my tea... I need to learn to love the bee.


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