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« on: January 11, 2020, 09:12:16 PM »
I would slide up and down and all around the treehouse, gaining blisters on my soles and bruises on my back, if it meant hed come back to us. Id delay the probable release of crucial information, maybe even create an axiomatic basin filled with our own blood and sweat. Were stranded on an earthy duplicate without him - one that looks familiar but navigates like a blind man in the shadows. What was once harmonious tag-teaming and kicking butt has become a pasted-over billboard for chumps and deadbeats. The clouds look different today, she states beside me, and I try to live on knowing that shes there, she always will evade the darkness like I told her to. But its strange, crookedly gazing at a sincere tell tale sign that is supposed to keep me grounded. Its strange because in the back of my memory, the balance of the team has been thrown apart. We dont do well evenly, let alone missing the first piece of our puzzle. Things would be okay if it had been me that left, I finally reply, and her expression reads equivocal. Im sure shell never vocalize it, none of them will, but in their thoughts they agree with me. The cotton swabs above me can staticize.


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