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Author Topic: Waiting for Dinner  (Read 2049 times)
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« on: October 23, 2007, 01:22:52 AM »

Waiting for dinner

The spit turns in jerky movements
light glistens off the meat
gently teased by the heat
bright coloured pictures
of what you can eat
are on display
cakes and delicacies
are on show next door.

Sparrows are flying inside.
School kids are on excursion,
voices twitter, babble and collide
with the chirruping sparrows.
Anticipating my meal
pre-pared chicken
slowly cooked
worth the wait
Hot sauce
will infuriate my tongue
tender chicken breast
with coke to wash it down

Taking a seat outside
a seagull paces my feet
hoping for a morsel
a left-over
bold sparrows 'cheep' on the corner of the table
the seagull yells a warning
'this is my space"
Still pacing
head tipping at unusual angles
looking up at me quizzically
now, hopping on the table nearby
unsure of what to do
willing to commit to a piece of food
if willingly thrown
or fallen from the table
anxious bites at my feet
at a piece of fallen lettuce

Mouth is glowing
a pleasant winter fire
purring and burning
from the 'mild' sauce
I will not feed the rats with wings
Looking on now with neck strained thin
another warning to other kin

Across the river's glaze
The sound of trains
waiting for take off.
Flinders Street's echoey announcements
drift like ghosts across the river
not near enough to be distinct.
The platform's orange glow
reveals people rushing
a change of platform
more delays

It's half raining
people are promenading the river
with thunderstorm umbrellas
they move to a spiral staircase
ascending from the ground
up two fights
wrapping itself around
falling into itself
then re-appearing
The federation green paint
turning dark and light
with the twisting and the turning.
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