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« on: January 11, 2020, 10:30:10 PM »
Late to posting this one, glad to say that I've starting my gigging for the year! but here is yesterdays word:

Her wide ear to ear smile resembling that of the Cheshire Cat from her favourite childhood story. The purple hair to match to, hoping that the new dye could hide the effect that time places on us all. Hearing her laugh always filled me with a sense of happiness that few things can match. Her tired hands holding on to mine with a grip that comes with both age and the early morning lack of motor skills I’m sure we’ve all experienced. It’s rare that she remembers me this quickly these days, but today she was especially sharp and the Joy painted on her face spread through the room brighter than the gently swinging ceiling light. The taste and scent of the humbug mint, producing saliva in my mouth as I tuck it into my cheek. “How’s your week been Nanna?’ She alway’s loved to talk about her week, and we always loved to hear her tell us. Even when it was repeated a couple times. “Ooo it’s been wonderful, I met christine for tea this afternoon” Christine was an old friend who passed away two years ago. I begin to feel my heart drop and the tears begin to swell in my eyes. “Oh really, how is she?” It only felt right to keep her mind at ease these days, she’d do the same for us. As I continued to listen to her story about Christine, I knew she believed every word, felt every emotion and tastes every scone piled with clotted cream and carmine coloured jam.


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