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« on: January 11, 2020, 10:32:12 PM »
Today's Word of the day. This was a fun little mind journey.

Stretching for what seems a mile, the dartford tunnel always brought excitement for me as a child. A long carved tube through the heart of a mountain. The face of which was dotted with tall evergreens and litter. Now all I notice is the litter. The long tube now only making me aware of the damage we do with vehicles. The noise pollution of the traffic, like a roaring storm at sea that never ends. Itís waters giving the pungent scent of diesel and the overwhelming taste of chemicals that seem to bounce off your tongue and sit at the back of your front. Providing a bitter aftertaste to every swallow. The orange filtered light, dingy and depressing. Like a streetlight thatís giving up on the road beneath. My lungs begin to feel heavier and hotter under the dusty air, feeling like if I cough it would bring up an orange volcanic loud. Maybe itís all in the perspective. The journey I once loved so much now a cause of stress and environmental anxiety. Keeping the mind childish has itís benefits in certain life situations. Like this graffiti Iím going by. Before my eyes, I watch it turn from vandalism and anger to a collage of colours, thoughts and emotions of freedom and creativity.


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