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« on: January 12, 2020, 12:00:17 PM »

   They call him The Motor because he just keeps chugging along. You think he’s been tackled or pushed back for a loss, but his feet are still kicking and before you know it he’s broken through for a 10 yard run. Still, sitting here watching The Motor on my TV while the baby plays in his pen, I think back to running backs of the past who don’t even seem to be stopped. They just find a hole and blow through, making the highlight reel every single week.
   My legs don’t have much motor left in them. The one time I tried running, I felt a small tinge of pain in my left knee. “Work through it,” I said out loud to myself. “Work through the pain.”
   “Oh yeah,” you say, “you definitely should’ve stopped. You’re lucky you didn’t have some serious knee injury.” Well, I continue, actually I was limping for weeks afterward. It was very embarrassing. We take a drink of Pabst and turn our attention back to the athletes who are about a decade (or more) younger than us run into each other and push each other to the ground. I guess I’m petty lucky I let my athletic potential go to waste, I say. We clink our glasses together and say no more.
   I remember the NFL draft when I was 22. I was the same age as many of the players for the first time in my life. It suddenly occurred to me why people would call adults in their 20s “young”. Dale and I sat in our dark apartment with ESPN on the TV drinking beer starting at noon. Just speculating about the day.


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Re: Motor
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2020, 02:48:52 AM »
Your writing is touching. Sad things in the lives of pro football players. Talent and athleticism launches them, but the potential for injury is doom over the shoulder. Really nice writing.


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