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Author Topic: Young and Jackson 23 Oct 07  (Read 2151 times)
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« on: October 24, 2007, 07:23:06 AM »

Young and Jackson

A ghetto blaster is slung like a sack
over his shoulder
birdlike, jerky and nervous
he casts anxious glances
To poor to afford the latest technology;
Ipod, mp3

Lights change
accelerators floored
exhausts cackle
trams thunder over opposing rails
Hindi, Philippino, Greek
as people wait for the lights

“The phone king is dead” the paper proclaims
heart attack on his morning walk
only 42
Another wave of motorbikes
race from the lights
rude exhausts
urging others to follow

Burgers and fries
drift across from McDonalds
mixed with exhausts and deisel
traffic light post
erupts into empty clacking
but no blind are crossing

Trams rumble their way down Swanston
electric motors yawn their way across the intersection
Helicopters phutter toward a landing place
and cars with broken exhausts complain
as tyres slap on tram tracks

St. Pauls, a sandy pink in the dying sun
as shadows capture the aspiration.
A horse and carriage;
Clydesdales with feathered heads
harnesses clinking
make their way heavily up Swanston

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