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Author Topic: Too many things  (Read 2011 times)
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« on: October 24, 2007, 01:38:17 PM »

My mind is full
of too many things
too many dreams
all fighting for attention
clamouring for affection
asking me
to love them

I walked the railway station
street seekers
begged for money
asked me if I had any
spare change
or a cigarette
I resonated with their plight
but I was lost in a world of my own
troubles so deep
even they couldn't understand
how I was dealing with the hand
I've been dealt
at that moment

Ascending escalators
broke the flow
but soon my ascending thoughts
were on the go
hammering relentlessly
banging away at me
not letting go
the same old shit
coming from the same old zone
the chatterbox
driving me down
coming back
to love's lack

The disinterest
the un-affection
spilling over
into now's
of everything
put before me
everything sworn to me
long time ago

the pattern set
the cards played
The endless drive
to self destruction
near complete
without direction
from outside source
' I ' set the sail
' I ' sailed the course
the map of my life
without remorse
as it was planned
long before
I had a choice
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