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« on: January 14, 2020, 10:31:37 AM »
   Standing outside of the dayhab inhaling cigarette smoke and looking up at the perpetually gray sky. I think, this winter will never end, and I look at my fingers knowing that I will smell the smoke on them later tonight and feel disgusted. But for right now it’s a break that I needed and my body starts to calm down and my head feels like it’s right up there with those dark gray clouds.
   I hear a door open behind me and the nurse walks out with a cigarette already in her mouth. She is artificially blonde and artificially old (she could be anywhere from 38 to 65), with wrinkled skin and a hardened countenance. She says, “You know, you’ve really got a gift with these guys. You’ve got a gift with people.” My heart laughs a little. A gift with people? I have been shy and I have been cruel. I have never felt okay with my own behavior in crowds or with small groups. Human beings have made me feel such disgust and disdain that it’s hard to see the good in anyone at the cynical age of 23.
   She might have noticed my thought process. “You’re very soft-spoken and patient. That’s exactly what these guys need,” she says. She’s talking about the people with developmental disabilities whom have been driving me insane all day. They have been driving me to smoke this cigarette and I take another cynical drag looking at the two other women who are standing outside for some sympathetic cynical looks.
   But they are nodding. One of them says, “You really are great with people.”
   “And you have the patience of a saint,” says the other.
   And the gray skies of destiny send down a hand that flicks me down a road I’d never thought to travel.


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Re: Gift
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2020, 11:20:51 AM »
Wonderful insight into a reluctant young adult, trying to find his way, maybe trying to live down the “been cruel”. The last sentence really sticks with me: “And the gray skies of destiny send down a hand that flicks me down a road I’d never thought to travel.” Isn’t that just the way life plays out sometimes? Thank you.


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